Thursday, November 12, 2009

LSB election results...some are....oh well, you decide AFTER watching their actual work results

this is is copied from the web page, with a too long expanded list of alternates listed there:

"KPFK LSB Listener Election Results

1). Bree Walker ELECTED
2). Ken Aaron ELECTED
3). Ian Johnston ELECTED
4). John Wenger ELECTED
5). Dutch Merrick ELECTED
6). Kim Kaufman ELECTED
7). Fred Klunder ELECTED
8). Sequoia Olivia Mercier ELECTED
9). John Parker ELECTED
10). Luis R. Cabrales 1ST Alt.
11). Margie Murray 2nd Alt.
12). Christopher Bayard Condon 3rd Alt.

and [3 Staff seats filled:]

.6). DAN FRITZ 3rd Alt."

please ask each member who they represent besides themselves, which group that is essential and related to KPFK or it's programs from which they do polls, survey, inquiries, and gather feedback from ...and from which to learn ... and then to report back to the LSB meetings.

please ask the staff members if they are part of a faction or alliance or do they really represent the entire staff that exists, paid and unpaid ones.

please go to various LSB committee meetings to insure you see what they say, they do, or see how they behave with each other as a group. Note if they are being cooperative, coordinating and teamworking ...or if they are pushing their own particular agendas or other outside interests ...for their own business- gaining ones or politically beneficial ones to that member only. Notice if they are disruptive and preventing "work" and "business" from being accomplished or they are effective and helpful instead.

please correspond with any and all of these members, including those who have already been elected and were not just now added-on, and ask what their point of views are and how they are being fair and honest in sharing "other" views within the meetings ... besides limiting themselves to their own versions of their own world.

please ask your other KPFK listener/ stakeholder friends to go with you to meetings to keep up the PUBLIC portion, and add to be visible to all views that need to be revealed, exposed, confronted at times, and then also be addressed to the KPFK membership. There are a few other blogs, websites or groups who continue to show an interest in what happens [w/o transparency] at KPFK governance. Keep it OPEN, show it all, let everyone know what you learn, and do not be shut out by anyone who claims to have a "superior" position to you.

please try to keep KPFK as free as it claims it wants to be, but is not, yet. Do not just listen and pay but do anything, something MORE to include yourself so that the station doesnt revert into the tribal wars that are similar to those occurring in other lands, or corporations, or governments. Help unify and make this station what you also want : Free and Open Speech and Opportunities to BE, here.

please involve yourself with whatever brief time & effort you can afford to be -more than just a passive recipient listener, payee or taking it listening only in for no-cost. Whether it is 1X/ yr., 1X/ mo, 3X week, or just 1 time, do something to insure that those who have been "elected" are doing what you want and we want and they need to do to make KPFK fulfill more than it's limitedly stated mission.

please dont let KPFK die or convert into another ignorable shouting spouting venomous extreme small group of narrow thinkers.

stay alive and listen but also voice your own version of truth, now !

(c) akpfker 2009

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