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KPFK-LSB disruptions continue on and on ....and on

Audio from the KPFK LSB meeting of November 21, 2009 is available for
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http://www.megauplo DZN1M2A4


The latest KPFK website election results appear to list an alternate as #16 when other people are stating that he is the next person up to be on the board - once he acknowledges he is present at an LSB meeting roll call . This alternate apparently did not do in the 11/21/09 LSB chaotic event. That meeting occurred with much difficulty because a quorum was delayed for a few hours before sufficient LSB members responded to their name being called out by the Chairman. It was not clear whether some members chose to not attend deliberately to prevent a quorum from being formed so the group could continue working or it was just by chance that not enough LSB members were present at the 1pm beginning time.

The above audio can be listened to to hear the dramatic plays that were in effect to prevent the LSB from 'working' at the agenda many intended to accomplish.

Repeated below is the copy of the LSB recent election results which show #16 as an alternate and yet it has been stated that Reyes is the next person to be admitted to the board upon his attendance as a member.

from KPFK website copied here:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"KPFK LSB Listener Election Results 9 SEATS TO FILL:

1). Bree Walker ELECTED 1ST Round
2). Ken Aaron ELECTED 15TH Round
3). Ian Johnston ELECTED 22ND Round
4). John Wenger ELECTED 24TH Round
5). Dutch Merrick ELECTED 26TH Round
6). Kim Kaufman ELECTED 26TH Round
7). Fred Klunder ELECTED 29TH Round
8). Sequoia Olivia Mercier ELECTED 29TH Round
9). John Parker ELECTED 29TH Round
10). Luis R. Cabrales 1ST Alt.
11). Margie Murray 2nd Alt.
12). Christopher Bayard Condon 3rd Alt.
13). Chuck Anderson 4th Alt.
14). Luis A. Garcia 5th Alt.
15). Dr. Chipasha Luchembe 6th Alt.
16). Lawrence Reyes"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --

To clarify where Reyes is on the elected list, this quote below was provided as information, so that other KPFK stakeholders can also stay updated:

"The KPFK website info is correct - those are the latest election results. The candidates listed as elected have not yet been seated (unless they are incumbents) and the unelected candidates listed only qualify (in sequence) as substitutes for vacancies that occur after the date of the election's certification. The vacancy that Lawrence Reyes qualifies or qualified for occurred prior to this election. "

How confusing for the rest of us ordinary folks who hope for fairness, for having responsible behaviors and for some work actually getting DONE during LSB meetings... instead of the many recent shows of rebelliousness and disruption. Maybe the LSB can have a decent reasonable meeting happen next month ?
Maybe not.

Those who are elected already or who attend as "public" members, and who chose to act-out their demands for more positions and more power and who want to force the political slants only of their own choosing seem to have had an easier way to prevent effective LSB meetings . So the LSB meeting results, instead of adding helpfully to make KPFK stronger, more vital, and improved, or even unified in some ways has be stopped up instead.
Frustrating many members and public attendees to the LSB meetings.

But it is well known that is always easier to prevent and protest and destroy than it is to create, and construct and be positive.

Just a few people can disrupt a large group easily and prevent whatever intentions or agendas were in place by the meeting group. This is not a new tactic, but one that is well known and used for preventing any others from any accomplishments, even if nothing else worthwhile happens then. The disrupters accomplish their aim - to limit anyone else from doing their intended work. Time is wasted. Angers aroused. Havoc and chaos result.

oh, well, what else is new at this station ?

Has it always had plenty of members who acted as factionalized, as power-driven forces who like to fight for a place on-air ?

Has KPFK always been this ineffective and internally divided ?

Can improvements ever occur at such a fragmented and ambitiously populated place?

Listeners on-air also get the clear impression of the internal conflicts and strife too.

Is this helpful for the station and it's sincere missions ?

How can KPFK thrive financially when so much inside conflict leaks out visibly, audibly, and the stakeholders all know that strife and 'protesters' are the ones who can prevent the station's effectiveness even if they can't tear down the whole establishment ?

Is there any way to hope for a better working KPFK world ?

(c) akpfker 2009

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