Friday, August 19, 2011

KPFK Town Hall date, time, place unknown now...check it out

8/19/2011 a comment was made to article re 9/17/2011 KPFK Town Hall announcement=


is this happening ??? when ? where? huh ?

The original information as WRITTEN by a KPFK staffer indicated earlier that the Town Hall meeting is Sept 17, as written above. This was emailed out more than once, 2X actually, including this last week also.

The KPFK LSB meeting 2 nights ago briefly discussed this event and seemed to be changing the date and location, with nothing firmed up or decided, so all seems to be up in the air.

Looking at KPFK website, there is NOTHING noted there...the event is not findable nor in Events section of website as of today. So maybe they dont want any us = KPFK $$takeholders and attendees....since Town Hall Meeting is suppose to be in a month from today, or sooner ?

And when the radio station was called today, the response was that there was no available information - as it seems the event’s details have 'not yet been resolved “...whatever that means... this is again a sad sample of how tangled and chaotic OUR venerated and funded-by-listeners radio station actually operates... so if YOU ARE INTERESTED in attending, going to see who is the staff, or having maybe access to someone involved for 1 min for a Question or comment at a Town Hall that is REQUIRED by their Pacifica Bylaws… then you may have to call the radio station at 1 818 985 2711 and inquire.

Or go there directly [see website for address and directions and map ] because all emails will get you and the rest of us no response at all, as usual.

The above announcement was made in our good faith = to include as many people interested and involved in KPFK and it's doings as possible...and the follow-thru we made now indicates that what was trusted to be information from the station to some subscribers was accurate.... and now may NOT BE SO..

Yuk ! Frustration, dismay and anger at the waste of time and efforts on stakeholders who want to participate in OUR station's doings is apparent here and now ... yep.... yuk !

Or will the purported interactive meeting be as chaotic as the station’s staff’s ability to get accurate - helpful - information out and to disseminate it to the public is ? yuk !

check it out if you are interested....we sadly give up on this here.

(C) akpfker 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

KPFK- finally offers an opportunity - to talk to management

this was posted also on - reprinted for everyone to see and know, not just those who 'happen to catch it' when it may occasionally be announced on air or those who may go to website on the occasional basis.....


KPFK’s Local Station Board is organizing a Town Hall Meeting for Saturday, September 17, 2011. The main objective of the Town Hall is to create a dialogue between Station Management and the listeners, and to provide a forum for listener ideas and concerns.

NOTE: "This activity is required by the Pacifica Bylaws."

[[ or else it would not occur, right ?...

communicating with anyone who works or manages or any one who does programming at this SUBSCRIBER SUPPORTER station is impossible at any other time it seems from experience over many many years....

since emails, voice mails, or attempts to contact any one at all at OUR paid-for station is NOT happening or allowed. This may be the 1 time to be present with management, but with someone In Control at that end MC'g and monitoring...

Some few will be able to at least voice some concerns that are otherwise so easily and consistently IGNORED by all who are suppose to listen...not only to each other ...but to the rest of the loyal $$$hareholders too.....

oh well, in case anyone wants to go, here is what has been
advertised so far]]

"WHERE: Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Westminster Chapel (3300 Wilshire Blvd. @ Berendo)"

[this is in Los Angeles near the Vermont MTA rail station at Wilshire/Vermont - within walking distance from there ]

"TIME: To be announced "

[[Or call the station at 818 985 2711 X 0 during open hours 9 - 5 pm weekdays only

or see website
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If anyone wants to invite others to also attend and make a good showing of questions, confrontations, compliments, concerns, and 'requests for freedom of information' from the non-profit that we already have all paid for - over so many long years...

... only to still be excluded from any decisions or any knowing of what or how anything is decided - for us...
and accounting for our monies...
how it's spent...
who gets in to positions...
who gets chosen as a 'volunteer' programmer...
whatare other benefits of being an on-air programmer actually - what perks there are [often un-admitted or kept oh so secret to listeners].

Presumably there will NO FEE charged for this event, tho that was not clearly stated in the advisement received and presented above.

A request for more OPENNESS and time + places-for -shareholder- inputs on a regular basis will also be addressed and presented and any similar comments appreciated.

"The American People", the KPFK audience,the Pacifica Shareholders also have come to Distrust those that 'govern' all we own, we who partake in KPFK and it's doings.

We want to improve it, and we want to be PART of all of it ... more than in 'just give us your money' ways.

hope to see you there ! loudly, sincerely, actively, and loyally too.

(C) akpfker