Friday, February 26, 2010

Open letter to Roy Tuckman and Alan Minsky

This letter was emailed to various station staff and management. Seldom does any acknowledgement return to indicate letters are read or cared about even. But the effort to communicate is made, because tho most affiliated with KPFK assume it should be only a 1-way OUT communication, some of us believe we as "stakeholders" and payees and volunteers and members of the non-profit station have something more to contribute than mere money. Tho that is all that is asked for...more money...only.
But if there is no 2-way or more communications, then KPFK is as doomed as the USA govt is when the focus is on acting separately from those they represent.

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To Roy and Alan :

Thank YOU for inserting some more programming about 9 11 this morning, on KPFK. Even if some people are afraid of being mis-labeled or accused as being kooks, conspiracy buffs, or extremely odd thinkers for maintaining our interest in this topic, relevant, believe-able & recent info and output is not so easy to find.

You find it and then you openly share it, w/o detailing what we must think about it. Good exposure of vital info.

KPFK has always been valued for presenting information that is not easily found elsewhere ...and even here while censorship, maybe even self-censorship too, manifests itself - even in such places that claim to honor FREE SPEECH, there has clearly been such critical prohibitions at times.

I have noticed how often violations of that desired freedom continues to exist .

For you to again share new found resources,more information, different points of view and play it for our learning more is what makes KPFK valued, whether we agree or like what is presented. We stakeholders and vintage members of the KPFK community value and pay for this kind of 'service'. Thanx

So if there are staff or management or other pressures - alliances, prejudices, strict rules, fears or whatever - that constricts programmers unduly, let those also be openly known to us all, and admitted - so the community of KPFK stakeholders can help decide how much censorship exists on our station. Or why those deletions, the deliberate not-sharing of available information does occur...

Thank you Roy = for providing such fascinating material that most of us 'out here' do not yet have access to...for us all to learn about divergent, dissident, unusual knowledge that is here exposed - to be explored further - and which is and not just swallowed whole as presented here or anywhere. This is how we learn to be critical thinkers and further disseminators of what we learn and value.

9 11 is a heavy topic still used in many arenas by many varied political viewers to explain or validate whatever they want to emphasize. It is continually being referred to directly or indirectly, so relevant and scared is the USA of being a war-zone, like other ones we see and even help create.

Another point: , please be aware that when money is scarce, some of us, split the cost of the premium and while one person gets the credit more of us gain the knowledge of the gift we receive. Sometimes it is even 3 of us who share in the cost to afford what is offered.

You all may or not want to ever suggest on air such a savings plan that still feeds the station but it works well for all sides. Otherwise, any just 1 of us would have to say "I can't afford it" and then not send in anything at times.

The Homeless program was another unique offering you played on air, that is now by some of us being made known to other van-living home-less folks, which missed it even if AFTER the broadcast.

Did anyone else in LA play that program ? Where is your competition ?
And Eben Ray's interviews are often startling, informative, giving us resources we can choose to pursue or not for more variety of thinking and understanding of what may be 'going on'. Or 'going DOWN' too.

thanks for all your work, and also to all of you receiving this letter of appreciation. After 50 years of listening, pledging ,money and sometimes participating directly. these kind of programs keep some of us with YOU-all.

(c) 2010 akpfker

Saturday, February 20, 2010

BBC shows some fancy photos of 9-11 from sky view

have you seen these ?

nothing is visible about any foul play or even the planes are
hardly visible, but these are "pretty' smoke filled pictures
displayed only 9 years later, how long is that to be sure they
do not 'incriminate' or 'investigate' or :indicate" anything "new"
...but these can be added to our repertory and collection of fancy
fotos of a devastating local USA event.

Worse can be found in many other nation states with smaller
buildings and less dramatic ways of blowing up people and buildings,
to start a new war for oil almost 'legally'. Not quite so.

Enjoy the views, FYI anyhow. See below.

(c) 2010 akpfker