Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11 has to be remembered now....and again..

This was written Sept 10, 2012 - after googling ...and finding no events to join, to commemorate, question, memorialize or even recognize that such a huge death-filled event occurred just 11 years ago, wasn't it ?

Time tends to make us humans forget-full, conveniently, for those oligarchic empire rulers, who can then reproduce their agendas for hard times for the populations, the destructions, the war and shareholder corporate games and those lies they used so well after the NYC crisis that surprised 'the rest of us' and produced fear and fear-mongering forever thereafter. The lies that the the Prez and his kin and administration repeated to all media who agreed to repeat those confirmed WMD's stories...

And that was just for 'the first time' when "WAR was The Answer" and the ongoing consequences were more war and > 50% of USA budget going to weapons and military expenses [and projections too ]. And then another WAR - one after another and another - followed the Iraq version and was repeated, using the 9-11 NYC destructions as the 'cause'= the premise for USA's then perpetual aggression - globally - thereafter -and for ever after ? . Notice that the lies were revealed to be lies and the next Prez said "let bygones be bygones" and we dont prosecute or question what the previous administrations did - or we may be questioned later too. hmmmmmm.......

9-11 has not been mentioned one time in all the current political campaigning....heard anything at all ? 9-11 is barely ever mentioned in mass media news any more. 9-11 is put away conveniently so everyone can pretend that ....we are now 'safe' ...and need not think, nor remember, nor dis-cover, nor explore, nor expose and not discuss-talk about what we worry about because it has not been fully investigated nor revealed... "No, dont discuss that's old news !" + "not now, not any more, that's the long ago Past...." they often say so easily & repeatedly. What is wrong with this distracting atmosphere we are breathing in daily ?

There is another article re 9-11 - in la.indymedia.org - that provides resources and inundates us with relevant information ... .so much complied info re 9-11...that we all need to know - much more than is in any current news media or campaigns or distractions so easily continually pressed upon us all...

Such dilligent dedicated work to put all this out here...and we hope all this and more resources & information appear on all the other cities/nation's indymedia's and bloggers pick it up as well, and also attributing to the authors in appreciation for the work done. here, or elsewhere.

Funny or rather strange how silent the mass media and common talk nowadays is about not even noticing we had such a blasting event, regardless of who made the mess and killings.

Notice that not one campaigner noticed that 9-11 is to be remembered even, as if They Dont Care ??? huh?

And dont we wonder why the people = who have questioned + researched + explored + dis-covered + Written + exposed + made movies + tabled with fliers & stickers & events + dedicated umpteen hours alll year long since that horrific time..... are ignored now-a-days....hmmmm

and since the Patriot Act is a mean, cruel, OVERREACHING and encoching on our normal citizen civil liberties as citizens of this USA [ long before that administration decided to convert anyone they chose into "terrorists" and declare "a war on terror" as if the phenomenon/ feeling/state of mind could be warred against...] has been Renewed to continue on and on and maybe forever..

giving anyone who Thinks or claims Authority, by govt or other means, to use discriminantely as they so decide for their own reasons.... or giving anyone who can bribe, join the corrupt-cronies-and-colluders Influence...to maybe take revenge or advantage of anyone else ...what is this so claimed "democracy" with "freedoms" we have now ? gone forever ? never to be retrieved it seems.

And the people in the area who were physically and even more emotionally and mentally negatively affected, some with loss of family and friends, others with polluted air and other conditions condemned then as "safe" but was not...those people are still suffering, and not hardly heard from in news or any media we see or read.

Why has the topic been dismissed and ignored and avoided? Why only in 'outlying' media, like Indy and such as Pacifica is there any continued coverage, disclosures, reminders that we allllll have been damaged as a result of the big huge break-down, of buildings, of govt trust, of belief that we can save our way claimed to be 'democractic' or whatever that is limited to mean by now.

Thank you both author above, all 9-11 workers, past and present. Thank you Indymedia for being available for this place [vs. getting lost in the shuffle of billions of other blogs on net proliferating and thus obscuring many] where such info can be seen, forwarded, and saved.

This is far from over.

The cover ups including Obama's saying we do not 'look back' meaning never prosecute or question your anteceders because they will do that to you later too. The topic has never been clarified, admitted officially in any way, and instead has been dismissed as no longer important or relevant....hoping the rest of the global world too will all agree and 'forget' so conveniently for some few.

9-11 will and is a striking time that has left us scared, for what has resulted more AFTER the killings [disabling exits so fires and throwing oneself out high-rises was only option for many ].

So we now have hidden surveillances, legalized and illegal too. Never admitted until something someone gets hurt, then revealed finally, inadvertently at times.

We now have Patriot [so called anyhow] laws that can sweep up protestors or emailers or those who dare question authority in any form/place/manner/time, and we have FEAR monger and FEAR prevailing, including the main news stories doing the mongering 24/7].

What a world to be born into for the young children !

What a disgraced nation in which to be a citizen now.

What a farce when laws are not enforced except when convenient to the few or corporate moneyed.

What a world has resulted from the ideals of the 60's & 70's...gone, lost, desecrated and decayed.

What a shame we are in this mess, still now.

[this also appeared in http://la.indymedia.org/news/2012/09/255525.php]

(c) mj 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

KPFK finally voices some transparent info re station finally!

{photo of Salton Sea images by photosbyalexandria.com. Thanx}

We finally heard Gen'l Manager and Ian Masters last week [in August 2012] were TRANSPARENTLY talking about Pacifica's and KPFK's finances and how the LSB has been limited and not getting the variety candidates needed to be more representative and more.... We I loved it !

If only they would replay it, even if they were begging for needed funds at the same, some unusual revelations were revealed. Yes, another dreary repetitive fund drive, always demanding more $$$ from us .... continuously, obviously necessary because the staff dont like doing it and members dont want to hear more of it and yet it continues...often, too many times a year.

In this program the GM was exceptional -clear speaking, frank, giving Information, catching any demeaning of others by one programmer who sometimes berates other [different versions of programmers and their paradigms [the truth' !].

Yet this 1 hr was 2 knowledgeable members discussing what we all wanted to KNOW more about and never ever get to hear ...on air... and openly discussed. One time - letting all us paying members know what they are paying for or working for there at KPFK station . The GM was good, and doing the unusual ...and especially for his top GM position too, making the sharing info even more relevant and believable.

And we appreciate Ian a lot, on air at his Hammer Forum programs too, and we also like 911 truthers and all the information they reveal, equally. So some of us are more open-minded than others, not limiting who we hear or like or want to learn from but being curious, explorers of more than 1 dogma or paradigm or 'reality'... but oh well..... while many who listen to KPFK are more selective and limited and stubborn - when they want the station only for their own taste and groups. So what is new about that way of acting out ?

That Conversation, Discussion, Revelation of what is happening with our [pledges, KPFK's income] the $$$... even that bit of confirmation revealed was surprising, admirable, exciting and that information and program needs to be repeated or re-done more to be heard by more people who missed it.

We need to find out how else can this be heard again, transcribed perhaps, or made available to all LSB members, PNB members, contributors to KPFK ? Hopefuly that program was archived - but who knows how to look for it ? So while many members complain [as was then also quoted = some of the many same complaints repeated for yrs now -i.e.

the long exhausting repetitious pledge demands, and the lack of premiums being rec'd after paying - even part of it if on installments

or the exclusive clutching of same old programs/programmers hold power and on-air promos for their own group/friends/tribes, hostile antagonistic programmers towards other ones - who also hold-on selfishly to their spots on station, even for decades !

and [previous to this conversation on air] the continuous lack of transparent info about OUR station - that we all pay for in many ways even more than in $$$. And even more of course !

Re premiums....We've heard from volunteers that people phone in all the time that they did NOT receive their premiums, and are not called back, when they later phone in about it to inquire. And the volunteer pledge takers -[ we know this for sure as we have been doing this work for umpteen yrs, same form, same phone instructions too - are only told to say " it will be received in 6 - 8 weeks" or some such timetable.

But..... no one paying on installment is ever informed how much they have to pay or how much time elapsed Before the premium is sent - and NO ONE ever informs payors that premium is unavailable or will be delayed or why 'it was never sent'

We have met people outside of station who have said same thing to us to our surprise. They did not get premium,, and were mad, and then distrust KPFK. We also hear it when we take a pledges there too - often enough - at least 1-2x/day during pledge drives. While we do tell them to call station directly again, but apparently "NO ONE ANSWERS" the phone in that dept to inform them what happened to their gift or their money either. .

Unfortunately, this is really Bad for KPFK's reputation. They are then seen as dishonest, inept, dysfunctional and not able to communicate forthrightly, except when they ask for $$$...hmmmm...unusual ? So why cant a volunteer be 'drafted' to make calls for premiums unavailable during time period promised ? Why aren't pledge takers instructed t explain When premiums will be sent if on installment - after $25 ? after 3x that $$ deducted ? whatever....anything is better than unavailability and silence.

Why isn't someone being RESPONSIBLE to be responsive instead repeating the usual Excuse of saying: "they didn’t pay up" - which maybe occasionally so, but we doubt that the many people who call have NOT PAID at all !!! That is not our KPFK type.

We have long ago and repeatedly tried telling & asking the Subscriptions Dept and we may get a nod - but no answer- and No Change happens ! Someone somewhere needs to put into effect some improvement. If KPFK wants more money ? The non-profited organization has to - must - give better service to those who pay for it's subsistence. That's simple business plan.

(c) mj 2012