Monday, November 16, 2009

KPFK members may think CHANGES are not needed so changes should not occur...???

This also appeared in Indymedia in Los Angeles on Nov. 15, 2009, hoping to provoke more responses to the questions therein. Otherwise, this writer is merely writing to themself in isolation and futile attempts at communications. Oh well....whatever.....

So...Why are so many objecting to any changes attempted at Our Radio Station funded by listeners at KPFK ?

NOTE this:

"The Programming Oversight Committee (PrOC) of the KPFK Local Station Board (LSB) will be convening a Listener Forum to discuss the recent programming changes instituted at KPFK. Following a brief presentation by the Interim Program Director, Alan Minsky. the floor will be open for listener questions and comments.

Sunday, November 22, 2009, 5 - 7:00 pm
Echo Park United Methodist Church
1226 North Alvarado, Los Angeles 90026


some of us thought that KPFK was "OPEN" MINDED and wanted ' CHANGES' and improvements too ....but did that mean only Other Groups' and People's changes and not any within the station's own staff or programmers [as is now or before] own defined territory?

Is it possible that hypocrisy inadvertently continues at KPFK and with it's involved members... where they demand and angrily shout they want things to be "different" [hoping for better but there are also many 'inadvertent unintended consequences' as well] but NIOBY ? [not in our back yard, or not our own programs, however our own space is defined]

Is it possible that those who love KPFK want it to stay as it has been for years, the same programmers at exactly the same old times, comfortably repeating their lines, safely ensconced in their programs with their limited listeners, and refusing to budge to give any new voices or views an opportunity to prove themselves to KPFK listeners ?

or even to get some other-than-usual-old audiences ?

WHY is it not possible make changes and shifts ?

to do trial and error ?

to learn from the past ?

to not be stuck in the same-old same-old program slots for umpteen years ?

WHY is it not possible to renew and transform KPFK instead of letting the 'establishment' there claim 'their' on-air time slots as if any time or program or opinion /slant / view is actually OWNED by any one person or any group ? or programmer ?

WHY is change or anything but the prior stand-by version NOT ALLOWED to happen ?

WHO can claim possession of any holy or political or social cultural, [et al] "TRUTH" ? ..or is Truth only as They happen to know it ? and then those authorities do insist on their own slot on KPFK to disseminate Their limited version of their world[s] ?

Is that the best KPFK et al can do ? Repeat itself in perpetuity ?

WHO gives any one permission to determine how to run the station that is a non-profit corporation with paid staff that are duty bound to IMPROVE and make beneficial changes in their attempts to manage and keep financially responsible this radio station ?

HOW can the KPFK "membership" or stakeholders come together to VOTE or ever agree on [anything? ] like which programs should be played on air and when and how often ...and how varied ...and also : who gets the POWER POSITIONS there or who doesn't ????

Sure many of us would like to know how the set-up as it is at KPFK - by it's structure, by laws, traditions, prior and current mistakes and failures, and KPFK being part of more stations also in can KPFK can ever UPDATE itself

To be more current, more relevant to these times, and to also reflect more than the same-old voices that always do the complaining and exhorting from the past ?

Can that past be built upon to make something better happen at KPFK ?

Is it ever allowed or helpful to trust that the paid staff are honestly doing their best in behalf of the radio station and not just being self-serving and "bad" because they are not asking everyone to "vote" on every move or change or intention even ?

What are some specific suggestions and where are they voiced, written or offered ?
(c) akpfker 2009

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