Tuesday, November 17, 2009

change means: ......

see http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/change or elsewhere

"(countable) the process of becoming different.
The product is undergoing a change in order to improve it.


Synonyms the process of becoming different


See also modification

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Ok. so change and all that displeases those who want to keep everything where it WAS BEFORE and how it WAS BEFORE and every decision must be the same old repetitious one or else many will object....

change requires realignments

change may require new learning

change may include mistakes and errors

change may lose some and gain some

change requires thought and attention

change requires courage and trust

and more change and more ...

but at KPFK ? well, who knows what can happen ?

if your favorite program has changed time or been eliminated, does that mean the whole station has failed you ????
you just dont get 'what you want when you want it ??? or
you were used to getting what you got and then you habituated to it and refuse to have anything else ???

yes, the old same familiar is so much easier to take than having to risk, to try, to evaluate and even to like some unknown or untried or unconventional different program or programmer at KPFK.

but many of us thought that was exactly what KPFK stood for - the variety, the unheard, the unusual, the innovative, and the dissident....

yet change is refused, resisted and resented.

so much for open-minded KPFKers,
or can they too make a change and not be stuck with it or their old reactions ?

if there are no changes, there may soon also be no KPFK at all left

(C) akpfker 2009

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