Saturday, May 31, 2008


Anyone out there ?

who wants to share their thoughts about KPFK?
who has concerns about what is happening at KPFK ?
who cares about the lack of transparency at KPFK?
who wants to know how KPFK functions or dysfunctions in the real world ?
who knows how to reach the Board LSB directly ?
who has a good suggestion that has been ignored or unheard by station management?
who wants to help make KPFK what it claims it is, but is not ...yet ?
who has attempted to communicate with KPFK but been ignored?
who has volunteered and found the functioning at station not effective or efficient ?
and so did not return to volunteer at KPFK again ?
who wants to HELP MAKE KPFK BETTER and 'well' [to recover from it's declining...] ?
who cares enough to have made attempts to help but then given up....till now ?
who wants to UNITE TOGETHER to form a "union" with others who want to help OUR station?
who is not malicious, angry, greedy, or venting and wants to share an honest opinion here ?
who is part of the KPFK KOMMUNITY that suffers from lack of working-togetherness?
who is offering to work, write, call, activate, activise, assist, coordinate in any way to reach
the station staff when a large enough group of KPFKers want some change ?

Join in.
Dont sit back passively, listening to what you dislike or feel insulted by, even on KPFK.
Dont allow 'them' == whoever dominates and excludes == from OUR airwaves relevant information & programs.
Dont let "that group" just 'win' and you just 'complain' from afar.
Dont fall shallow, fold, retaliate by bad-talk, or turn the station off completely.
Join in.
Join us.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Come all Those Who Want to IMPROVE KPFK

We have found our place, to share positive news and to WORK HERE TOGETHER for an improved radio station - this one that we pay to exist.

KPFK has regularly had poor transparency and no access for communication with the staff, or board, from listeners & subscribers :::::those

who want to make suggestions,

who have genuine concerns about what is 'going on' ,

who want to POSITIVELY influence the station or LSB or programmers,

who want to HELP IMPROVE how the station is currently run,

who CARE ENOUGH to make efforts with sincere intentions only,

who want to COMMUNICATE together to work in unison,

who are NOT just malicious complainers or angry people,

who have good ideas and want them presented thru a group,

who are wanting to PARTICIPATE in the functioning of OUR RADIO STATION in ways beyond answering phones & sending in money...


THIS IS AN outside-of-the-station-CREATED private & personal BLOG = = = for us to speak to each other openly, politely & conveniently. There is no heirarchy, but there is a msg. monitor .

Please SHARE your thoughts and wishes, and make offers of what YOU CAN DO TO HELP, besides demand that things improve. This is an activist, organizing tool.
Let's use it wisely and considerately.

Like a Union, we are the KPFcommentators-united ...

with the genuine desire to have a more equitable, transparent, relevant, responsive, & communicative radio station. We want a better KPFK. and Like other useful places, let's make this one worth sharing together !

add your responses here, please.

with caring & concern,

mary janie