Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who else reads about KPFK on Indymedia ?

Thank you - Leslie Radford, LSB rep - for again acting as the ONLY open LSB member - that some of us can learn from and respond to as needed. Where else is any such information being placed and posted openly ?

Your dedication and opinions are stated clearly and for the 'hidden audience of paid-up sponsors to KPFK' this Indy site is the main place where info may be disseminated. Wonder how many people do read these cries for help and unity ? Note how few of the same people write to respond here.

How difficult to know who else agrees with you, Leslie or does not and why... who are we ? ... the paying-the-price listeners that want to be more involved in the happenings [even if out-of-reach] at KPFK. Besides attending hours of LSB meetings, that is.

Could it be that Naomi Wolf's version that "Shock !" is the best way to insure compliance and a rushed vote - to take away liberties, to change mortgage-values, or to insure it will be 'too late now' to do anything after decsions are made the em-powered-already-in-power ....even at humanitarian-imaged Pacifica & KPFK ?

The shock is the apparently-sudden realization that the KPFK building is the best or only way to get money out for WBAI's use [on the other side of the USA] in these financially disastrous times ...we are shocked to realize that the PNB et al. has acted so quickly in their own shock - they can do whatever they think is 'right' or 'best' -and blame the world's shocking $$$ circumstances for their mistakes ?

The shock is the 'immediate actions that MUST BE taken right now !! ' - or was it decided with not enough forethought or more research possible beforehand ? Or because we are ...again...and again.. in CRISIS... in crisis...again...of course. And we hear it every pledge drive year after year too.

By definition, in 'crises', there is not enough time, or resources, or willingness to include cooperation of all concerned, and the threat of extinction, and loss, and damage and of course, 'loss of jobs' [ which are the same repeated ploys used by mfg 'g corporations as well ] so KPFK is now also on another edge.

and to save a station - WBAI - or others too ? that has perhaps not been well managed before to arrive at that critical stage ?

and to have waited until the Edge emerges and then, of course, Shock has made instant reactions necessary ? No time to ask anyone for input or feedback now. Too shocking a time, so no time. No input. Not necessary now.

or is it the prior and continued opacity of Pacifica's problems so far - that makes it appear that the 'crisis' of other than our own KPFK's money problems seem to have arrived so suddenly to shock us here too now ?

I notice that very few, the same few KPFK-concerned people, write on this site to inform and question what is occuring at KPFK, even as the station struggles and tries to manage itself . And we have to trust that many smart people on our LSB are surely doing 'their best' - even if we dont see or know where they inform the listener-sponsors about their thoughts before even LSB decisions are immenent and made. Much less access PNB members.

These are the same complaints repeated here, but are still valid. Once the wall falls, the wall that holds up the KPFK mission and it's advertised claims, it will be a done deal, and more pledge money will be 'required' and begged for again.

Thank you for what you do.

The helplessness and hopelessness that extrudes from the ways OUR station has worked so secretly & left the rest of 'us' OUT of any meaningful conversations , leaves us wondering if it is now all gone, a done disaster, a dead herd of animals kicked to the side, a return to the non-shockable but paid-for sponsored radio station variety.

Oh, well, there is always NPR to listen to instead of KPFK, and blogs on the internet to share our concerns.