Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who does what at KPFK ? Who knows anything ?

When it is not 'just listening' as a passive person, but when you as a KPFK STAKEHOLDER, pledge-maker, contributor, volunteer, or wanna-be whatever...
also have asked but could not find out what is occurring "inside" that station,
here is a tid bit of info that helps satisfy that 'wanting needing to know'.

Below is some good information that some of us did and do NOT know or have access too..until we asked:

"It is public information that Chief Engineer Bob Conger is serving as
KPFK iGM at 1/4 salary, that Alan Minsky is serving as both iPD and
probably Senior Producer at a single full-time salary, and that
Margaret Prescod and Ian Masters, previously volunteer programmers,
are temporarily sharing a single full-time salaried position.

It is public information that Ernesto Arce is still on the KPFK
payroll as a news reporter, which is KPFK's main contribution to the
production costs of the California News, which is produced at KPFA and
replaced the KPFK Evening when we laid off most of our local news

"Yes, these details are not publicized; but they are not confidential
and have not been hidden. Most of this has been mentioned at public
meetings, which are not well attended. Some has likely been mentioned
on-air at odd moments.

Though many of us have been taking time and work to learn all above that WE DID NOT know at all.. does that mean there are KPFK people smarter than us ?

more connected to the in-crowd, staff, management, money players than us ?

pay more for their pledges and thus gain info too?

go to parties we dont or dont even get invited to ?

sneak in and read private station info docs that we dont know how to get to ?

or what ?

Maybe if we repeatedly tolerate to attend LSB meetings and LSB Finance Committee meetings so info is found therein

The informer of this information also said nicely:

"I respect your concerns and I recognize how mysterious normal station affairs can look like from afar, especially when various actors pick pieces of information to spin in support of their special interests."

Yes, that person understands our frustrations in just trying to get basic information about "what in this world is going on in there ! ? ! ? "...that black hole where our money goes and what comes out seems to be...well you describe some programs are offensive, some are informative, some are creative and others are mainly FEAR mongering while complaining about everyone else in media doing just that....trying to get benefits, money, influence by emphasizing the horrors that 'could happen'....maybe...worse than what occurs INSIDE our station.

this is from a stakeholder of long ago, with lots of cash, time, effort and love invested in those 4 call letters....
K for kaput....
P for political ...
F for ['you know what in past tense and present also'] ...
K for .....kkkkk ??? Komodo dragons who are those strange creatures that look scary [see pix here:]

Komodo dragons are the largest lizards in the world ~ KPFK has a big signal too ....and with weird wild ancient heritage ! just like KPFK which has been around for 50+ yrs..... then more similarities also are apparent....

so conjure up the stuff of the dangerous eat-'em-up legends. Thekomodo's essential body is long with stocky legs and a long muscular tail ~ so like the macho-tough-image KPFKers prefer to display....

then the animal's scaly skin is inpenetrable and hard with no access, pretending invulnerability ~ KPFK style is same.....

Komodos also have a well-developed sense of smell so like KPFK's searching for any scary or wild drama and pretend-prophetic projections to arouse and also maybe get funds for sharing that virtual fearful experience.....

and the komodo's fancy long, forked yellow tongue which resembles the mythical, fire-breathing dragons ~ so the programs emanating from this KPFK beast is also always trying to be as fierce, as influential,as fear-provoking, as daring as any fire-fierce-producing uncapturable creature-of-old.

not a good analogy ? OK, then make a better one up for us all instead. What other creature, animal, natural image can KPFK in it's essences be conjured up to be similar to ?

(c) 2010 akpfker


and also see the recent la times article:

with Alan Minsky's reply below

"to know the way and not practice is to be a soup ladle in the pot and not taste the flavor of the soup." jack kornfield

which also means KPFKers who Want to Know and cannot find their way are stuck in some heating up the frog gradually in watered down soup. ahem !

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is this anyone you know ?

this is someone who is hiding behind your CASH and bank account and credit card company. Do you recognize him ?


He is your neighbor or in your adjacent neighborhood driving fancy cars, hiding behind tinted windows, behind the 'normal guy' facade, in the fanciest restaurants and bars, frequenting 'call girls and upscale whorehouses' anonymously and his kids go to schools that you envy and can't afford.

Called BANKSTERS, short for "gangsters" or "mafia" facimiles, these most men, are ambitious, ruthless, greedy and getting it all by bribing and colluding with your favorite polititians.

Do you know him ? sometimes he looks like a girl, but is really manly in ambitions and game-playing-selfishly.

Turn him in to the.....'regulators' ?
or they one and the same in-group ?

He already has your numbers, all of security #, your password, ATM, bank and credit card [shared information amongst business associates as listed in the small print you sign in to get an account or card ]

In fact, you may never see him alive or in person.

But for sure you have already...and will continue to feel his influence constantly ... to see his workings on your money...your earnings...your savings...your government...your mortgage or home-owner...your store owner, etc. etc.

(C) 2010 akpfker


How good to now know that the safety of all who participate in KPFK or other Pacifica Local Station Board meetings or are on staff have a "decree" claiming that the members, staff, stakeholders may not be physically hurt, injured, killed, or perhaps even threatened....but who and how will this be ever enforced ?

The reluctance to call in the state 'first line' defenders like Police, National Guard, or even a paid private security [how trained or skilled is always in question, and weaponized or just big+bulky+grimacing-is-enough ? ] will always defeat any good intentions. But we who care about our lives, bodies, and mental health and want to continue to affiliate with Pacifica as more than far-off-radio-listeners in our private spaces are glad this is now in writing...hmmmm

see this copied from a public-viewed site below:


WHEREAS, one of the primary missions of Pacifica,
and part of itsstated justification for use of the public airwaves,
is to support and promotethe principle of non-violence -- which principle
includes renouncing the use of violence, or threats of violence,
to resolve disputes; andWHEREAS, the Pacifica National Board has received
reports thatthis founding principle of non-violence has been breached
at certain LSB meetings; and

WHEREAS, the Pacifica National Board desires to uphold and maintain
this principle of non-violence in all aspects of its governance and
operations; and

WHEREAS, the Pacifica National Board recognize's Pacifica's
responsibility to maintain safety in all of its activities, and specifically
toprotect persons at its functions or on its premises from being injured,
orthreatened with injury, by violence, and threats of violence, from other


1. Pacifica shall have a zero tolerance policy for violence
or threats of violence at its LSB meetings. 
 & #8232;

2. The Chairs of each LSB are hereby specifically empowered,
at their discretion, to remove from a duly called meeting of
the LSB any person who engages in violence, or threats of violence,
against another person during the meeting. & #8232;

3. Members of an LSB who engage in violence, or threats of
violence, against another person during a duly called meeting
of the LSB shall be subject to immediate removal from the meeting
at the discretion of the Chair, and shallalso be subject to
suspension from membership on the LSB by majority vote of the
other LSB members present and voting at a subsequently called
meeting of theLSB. Any member suspended by his LSB for violating
this non-violence policy shall be denied access to any meetings
of the LSB, and to facilities of the Foundation. & #8232;

4. The Chairs of each LSB are hereby specifically empowered
to remove from a duly called meeting of the LSB any member who
has been suspended from membership on the LSB for engaging in
violence, or threats of violence, against another person during
a meeting of the LSB.& #8232;

5. The Executive Director and respective station managers are
hereby authorized to hire and appoint a Sergeant at Arms, at the
request of a Chair of an LSB, to enforce the removal directives
of the Chair, as set out herein. & #8232;

6. The Executive Director shall distribute this Zero Tolerance
on Violence policy to each and every member of an LSB. & #8232;

7. The Chair of each LSB shall distribute copies of this Policy
to LSB members as the first order of business at the LSB's next
scheduled meeting.

March, 2010.

OK, now who will inform on those amongst the LSB 'elected' members that have already in past [like those in Bush era that caused harm and threatened seriously are 'silently pardoned' to continue to do their stuff some more ] be controlled ???

There were a few local KPFK LSB meetings in which one particular large male was verbally disruptive throughout the meetings preventing any actual agenda items from being discussed and then stood "over" others while pretending to just be 'talking' but actually INTIMIDATING physically visibly...with no other LSB members commenting or assisting those who were thus threatened.

There were and are cohorts of such threatening and manipulative LSB members who ally and prevent any solution or safety from being effected, colluding with the angers displayed and manifested...and who prevented and still do allow by their cooperation
[visible to all present but vehemently verbally denied of course ] the intimidation, the cruel verbal games used against anyone the perpetrators dislike and want to silence, and the overall threatening atmosphere that prevail-ed throughout the entire LSB meetings.

How will these kinds of dangers and antagonisms be actually physically and effectively handled in the future ?

and who has any authority to do anything ?

or who will - since none have to date - Dared to face and act with equal force of character or strength in opposition to those who use their body-size and meanness
to prevent any one else from controlling those malicious behaviours ?

words are so good to hear...

and so seldom do more like come into real life, into actions, into reality.

but we can hope...or have "hope" like it prevailed in Nov 2008 and is currently being decried as fake by now in USA govt politics also. maybe there was some of the same kind of intimidation or bribery occurring there ?


(c) 2010 akfpker

KPFA in No. CA also in trouble,

There is an article about Berkely's Pacifica's KPFA :*
You may want to first read this to understand the comment made and copied here below:

"as a KPFK person, non SF but LA worker, your article is important, informative and yet seems so slanted to liking or admiring one person that the issue of fairness, election voting and Pacifica's failures seem to be 'side issues' instead.

Like they say, having an "ax that is being ground" promoting a manager that could apparently not maintain enough influence over her cohorts to remain in position of power.

Like every other USA political election that is also "so close" and won by never a big, notable "majority " but barely skims by, like Sup. Court does it's 4 to 5 or 5 to 4 continual big decisions. to then claim "it's a mandate" is the next lie that is never challenged loudly.

The simple majority win is not good enough to indicate that the people affected are in agreement with that Win or Firing or change, as in amendments, laws, bribes, and court decisions over votes not counted too. Could you do a better follow up commentary beyond this article to include other Pacifica stations, how they find their management staff [how they select or appoint those who will chose to anoint ]

....and how the staff once 'hired' is evaluated again after a short time to insure their loyalty to the station and not to other alliances they love more dearly.
Please dont just write this piece and then ignore all else that you left out. thanx"

You may also want to write your own response and spread all our thoughts and responses to what is happening to OUR RADIO STATIONS - managements, programs, finances, et al - as STAKEHOLDERS OF PACIFICA we must be responsible and they must be more transparent and accountable too !

(C) 2010 akpfker