Friday, December 4, 2009

New Pacifica Fdtn Executive Director

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"The Pacifica National Board has selected Arlene Engelhardt to be the new Executive Director of Pacifica. She has been involved with WMNF, a community radio station in Tampa, Florida for almost 20 years – as a programmer, a board member and as President of the Board.

"Arlene has a background in both non-profit and for-profit m"anagement, as Executive Director of United Cerebral Palsy and as Vice President of Product Development at a multimedia publishing company. She has been a lifelong peace activist and believes passionately that Pacifica is one of the most important institutions of our time, a time of exciting challenges.

"She says, “In these turbulent economic times, whether you call it a recession or the beginning of a depression, I am concerned about the effect on people. People will be reaching out for personal connections, for human warmth and compassion, and no other medium can meet these needs like radio. Radio at its best is the most personal of all communicative mediums.”

Arlene will be starting on December 1st. "