Friday, January 22, 2010

LA Indymedia uses censorship for dissident opinions ! no Free Speech there

did you know that can actually block anyone whose comments they dont agree with ?

yes, it has happened to our office computer....even writings w/o any curse words or hate speech included, but just having a different opinion than they have... is hidden or not allowed to be published at all ...this is called CENSORSHIP

and tho we have also emailed & written to them various times, about these actions they apparently have our computer ID number and so even comments cannot go on their site ...because someone with authority at IndymediaLA is labeling writings they disagree opinion with as spam "spam" spam - so what comes up is their automatic reply...and the writings are just deleted !

wow !

we think that this is not China, that this is America and "indymedia" and free speech is honored by our people ? huh?

we h ope that those who demand free speech allow free speech, but instead they also can stop those whose opinions, views, differences, they dont happen to agree with and so we can be PUT OUT and deleted from their website...

even while their own mission statement says :

"Principles of Unity: Los Angeles Independent Media Center

1. We strive to provide an information infrastructure for people and opinions who do not have access to the airwaves, tools and resources of corporate media. This includes audio, video, photography, internet distribution and any other communication medium.
2. We support local, regional and global struggles against exploitation and oppression.
3. We function as a non-commercial, non-corporate, anti-capitalist collective."

But talking and writing things is cheap and easy. Publish here is implied. We honor different views. hmmmm? Yet reality and the walk is clearly very very different. And who would know or believe this if it did not actually happen to them ?

and yet we are not the hated Republicans, or Fox, or tea-partying right-wingers either ! so why not allow us to comment or publish what is ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW that is stated w/o any insults, w/o anger or venom, w/o 'hate' or so many other dissident and rebels do too ? hummmmmmmmm It seems that some people who volunteer or own the website decide just who they allow to voice a view not just like their own.

What else is this called besides avoidance,prejudice, bias, censorship, hypocrisy and just plain old not-living-up-to-what-they-claim-to-be.

is this more of the factionalization in the Left - the so-called-Freedom-loving wingers way then ?

We are obviously astounded at such maneuvers by those who seem to stand by us at protests and meetings and places where people who want and believe in American Free Speech and access to open sites exists, and all that democracy is suppose to include....or says it does...

and the 'volunteers' at indymedia hide behind their own dark curtains, never to be known or found, only claiming their 'dedicated work' as martyrs for 'the cause' ...whatever cause they chose not to name but still like to censor and limit themselves to include only their own views and friends.

Plain old HYPOCRISY saying and trying to have a liberal image and acting as meanly and selfishly as any of the other 'them' they hate and speak against too.

shame on the Los Angeles version of what was an idealistic independent website.

(C) 2010

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