Friday, January 22, 2010

KPFK factions try to do further divisions and retaliations

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A faction-dissident-group of KPFK adherents had a meeting they announced on Indymedia and was not viewed in time for our attendance. However, the website they advertise clearly indicates the attempt to demand reparations, do retaliations, and insist on some rights to remain on air or on staff for infinity at least. No changes seem to be acceptable or allowed by demanding [vehemently and in no kind ways] their RETURN to their assumed owned-spots at KPFK.

This attitude is sometimes difficult to accept or even understand. No improvements or changes are possible without the ones who had a chance to do their thing giving space and time to other dedicated people to do the same but differently. Possessiveness seems to arise out of both fear and greediness and selfishness too.

That's hard to understand and accept.

It is apparent that those who are no longer on-air at KPFK resent this displacement, regardless of how much gain and access they have had in previous times. They insist that they are to remain in place forever, ownership demanded and space fought for with bad-mouthing anyone and discrediting everyone who is not agreeing with their 'rights' and their views. Somehow this does not sound like real democracy, FAIR-sharing, being cooperative with New Voices, givings others an EQUAL opportunity.

Their attitudes, words and actions sound just like any business establishment wanting only it's own benefits, profits, fame, access, air-time, and selfishly only whatever they think they "must have forever after" just because....they are so .....??? what ???? repetitive ???

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just look at the names of those who are featured... [in the article that this comment was part of...many other comments were in article : ]

those who held for a very-very-very-long-time a program space and now never want to share never want to give up that powered position or

never think of being fair and giving others "a chance"

never stop their retaliation for being moved

never share

never give up an inch to others who also have as much to say and just as well...maybe differently tho

never stop trying to self-aggrandize via KPFK never go elsewhere instead to prove they have merit

never go away some of us dont like them any more, and want SOMETHING DIFFERENT, something else, something more relevant to the current times....

yet these same people insist they OWN something at KPFK ?

or thought they did ?

Or want to ?

these same people[listed on their website] are not nice generous sharing people but self-centered and often insulting other groups that are not of same minded as they are these people are trying to "get back" revenge anyone who ever tells them "you've already had your time, you need to share and give someone else a chance too" oh noo...

these demanding folk seem to repeat that all programming needs to be repetitive and the same old same old boring booooooring stuff they spewed out

why cant KPFK be innovative ?

why cant KPFK staff try new voices and opinions ?

why cant KPFK programmers shift and change ?

why cant KPFK create better programs than the same old ones that have died on the vine already from repeating themselves for so long ?

why cant KPFK change

why cant KPFK improve ??????

because the same old repetitive old timers want to keep it all,,,,, for themselves... just the same as they had it... when they had it... greedy needy people who cant prove their worth elsewhere so want to come back to roost in same used up nest ?

thank goodness they are GONE now
now some experiments can be tried,
some new attempts and discoveries made
some new programs aired ,
maybe even new views and opinions,
and new programmers can enrich and enliven this staid old station that WAS much more relevant 10-20-30-40 years ago - when it was more educational and innovative and varied...

a station that in more recent years has again gotten stuck with the few demanding-claimants who insist and want ONLY their program time forever and ever after. for their own reasons and benefits. while claiming they are acclaimed by everyone else.. ha !

these same old people make fake ego claims of popularity - in that they promote their programs and views to look- like it is 'others who want us back when it is They who are doing PR and self-promotions amongst their special groups and friends... and selling their pitiful rejected stories to get a 'following'.... as if only those listeners of these people were the whole of KPFK stakeholders and these followers could pledge enough to keep the station stable financially too ...huh ???

give us a break ~~~ huh ?
Forget the listeners or the real financial state of the station.
These people just want what THEY WANT.
Forget the times and changes and money concerns of Pacifica.
Forget us, who pay and pay and then tune out turn away because of the same repetitious malarkey and insulting jibes of those very same unwanted any more programmers ...those listed above...from the past ..want to "return" to their old assumed glory. huh ???

Please... let CHANGE HAPPEN finally. Stop trying to revert reactionarily to the past. Get Present and get real.

Try something else than what was-before for a CHANGE.


(C) 2010 akpfker

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