Saturday, January 9, 2010

CENSUS WORK available - info needs to be aired on KPFK too ..why not?

Here is an that article gives some info and it seems like a responsible and community-sharing idea that some programmer at KPFK can do. All it takes is a 15" time slot to do 5" of an interview with someone at Census about the getting of work at Census and how to do it...and 10" of phone call-in's ....for all who prefer objecting...even objecting to working for pay if it is the USA govt [ a reflexive reaction of rebellious attitudes ]. This occurs even if the same listeners complain of no money to send to station who keeps begging about needing money to survive too.

This article below [see link for full info] appeared on Los Angeles' Indymedia for the purpose of SHARING INFO and to encourage people who want to earn money - because they need it now - to assist those willing to try this Part Time and temporary work source. They might even learn something in the doing.

"CENSUS needs part time workers...wanna take the test ? by " just did it anyhow" 2010-01-08

Census is late but trying to recruit everyone especially people who can speak other languages are the how-to-apply details I encountered doing it today "

It is obviously in the radio station's interest to have it's dedicated following also earn/ work for more money so they can then also pledge or tithe some monies back to KPFK - during fund drives or any other time.

We have never heard any helpful information on KPFK about where or how to survive on bare subsistence levels, or other practical day to day things - other than perhaps on the Pantry show, Healthy Planet and Car Show or occasionally on Access Unltd... or sometimes the programmer may offer info that is actually helpful about buying using stuff, but less about how to get money to buy the stuff......doesn't mean it has never ever been on air , but hardly and not enough anyhow.

Do we not care about assisting our community when they too are unemployed, not like the KPFK staff, who are paid, however much and unionized already ?

How about those outside the station listeners who are afraid, hesitate, doubt, rebel against doing establishment ordinary work - all the while complaining and whining - about 'never having enough' etc etc....

This would be giving stakeholders a bit of info, a hand up and yet NOT endorsing the USA govt, but still providing a service to all who need to work and listen to this station too.

We dont know if this is of interest to anyone who has a program, or a producer of shows on KPFK or why not. Wouldn't you too love to know how the business plan of this non-profit corporate also includes helping OTHERS with actual contacts to earn a bit of money when the economy has corroded and been dumped on the majority 'rest of us'... the staff and programmers may still have employment but what about the others who 'now have time' to listen but not pay up ????

Here's hoping someone INSIDE KPFK cares enough to take some action to HELP. Not just agitate and complain abut everything else, or continue to fear-monger some more, like most media does constantly and repeatedly. KPFK does it too.

KPFK programs are often so anti-so-much that instead of being POSITIVE or helpful, the purpose of programs here appear mostly intended not just to alert, to provoke, to organize at time, but also to elicit fear - and, of course, to send money in again and some more and again. But what money ? Earned from where ? Not everyone is able to earn a living nor pay for services as before.

And here is an opportunity to apply for a bit of easy work... not fun... but maybe necessary work !

Isn't it time for something different on OUR station for just a moment now ?

(c) akpfker 2010

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