Tuesday, November 18, 2008

S.O.S. Save Our Station Now ! KPFK insiders = speak OUT to us all, please ! Drop those secret ways !

a few of US, KPFK workers, volunteers, contributors, Sponsor-Owners have heard bits and pieces of rumors, of strange disapearances, of missing staff, of the KPKF building being sold off or used as collateral for other people's debts...

and yet we cannot get any information at our 'low' level....

do you have any info you can share with us?

know anyone on LSB whose address can be shared so we can inquire further?

know anyone who is "talking" or "leaking" as there seems to be a GAG ORDER
or else the secrecy and dark holes we cannot see thru might be more visible ??

are you part of the conspiracy, getting-together-to-plan KPFK's life or demise or changes?

what are you willing to do to help Expose what we are left out of, deliberately being excluded tho we are called "pledge-$$$$-contributor-owners" of OUR KPFK STATION ?

anything ?

please share if you will, if you can...

also see articles found on www.la.indymedia.org about KPFK ..
where else is anything being written about what is happening w/o transparency and what is occuring under Other's / Insiders-Only Control ?

is it all happening without any input from those of us who have given tooooo much love, energy, time, money, heartfelt dedication and more to maintaining the morality of this organisation ?

S.O.S. save our station.....now ! tell us how....

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