Saturday, November 29, 2008

Response to LSB info provided on - a repost here

"Wow Leslie LSBer- thanks for info !"

Thanks for dedicating yourself to responding OPENLY here to questions asked so anyone everyone whomever happens upon this site can learn something more than anyone else at kPFK is 'suppose to say" out loud, it seems.

this means anyone, like Leslie, like YOU TOO, reader here, can ask, answer, question, debate and discuss... without disrespecting any person [tho organizations can be disrespected for their secretive policies and hypocricies ] and maybe be lucky to get some substantial responses.

The above info provided needs to be pursued and researched and utilized by MORE of us who CARE so much about KPFK ...and it's doings...since we spend hours and devote work to writing/ reading/ asking/ activizing ...all to IMPROVE what-is occurring...that currently seems to be Not Ok at this moment more than other times.

again, glad we asked.
glad someone answered.

let's more of us stop hating and diss'in and work TOGETHER , even if we start here, to reduce confict, eliminate hidden agendas and black holes, where info disappears... and find our PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS replacing the elite-powered-secret-dealings-w/o-any-of-our-input.

thanks Leslie....we need more LSB members to respond OPENLY - as you do.
and if any other LSB members dont read this local open site, where do they get their Public Listener-Sponsor input from ?

again, question of who does each LSB member actually represent, not just presume to be a 'representative of' personally which may mean only being very subjective and limited in having other vital feedback and discussions with KPFK contributors ?

Remember, previously the LSB email cited above has not worked when attempted 3x previously, with receipt of a msg from the deamon about not being accessible...but, ok, we can all try it again and see if any one at all reads or responds..maybe.....
One LSB member has said: there was a "comments corner" for LSB people to know what public might be of LSB concerns also. But the only site they could point to was the KPFK website link to "program comments" which says -if you want to know what that song was - implying that kind of info only was sought, or a question about a PROGRAM, ... not ask or qauestion the station's workings, dealings, firings, dismissals, financial problems, et al....

and when an attempt was made to make contact with LSB thru that site, contact was possible nor responded, even when addressed to LSB.

so we can try again, and again,
and hopefully not Give UP matter how many false alleys that dead end with wasted time and effort happens. It has. It may continue. Some of us...many of us, may not allow that to happen, repeatedly.

never say 'die' until we are ready to totally throw the whole idea of what Pacifica claims away or create another version similar to it on the internet...w/o a big local radio station...if need's all technologically happening....moving away from traditional media to what remains of free access on net....and then ?????

watch out, changes are a happening...not just the latest presidential election...more is also convoluting and shifting and pivoting and.......

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