Friday, November 28, 2008

KPFK's secrecy slowly seeping out = a repost from

Finally, someone with info & courage tells us some more !
thanks Leslie [Radford LSB member] for being as open and informative and directing the rest of us peons of KPFK telling us of other places to read about info and what is actually happening to OUR station.

My [writer's] wish is this:

1. for you to continue to write also on Indymedia, as an article instead of a comment so that the conversations can be displayed and maybe, who knows ? read by those who suddenly latch on to this exposed great site Sometimes the comments are lost in the slew of new articles.

2. That those who read these articles and comments not necessarily identify or write words but somehow make themselves visible so we know that this site is accessible and utilized as a Discourse Locale for those who have no voice, no say, no power, no nutin but still do pay cash to KPFK regularly anyhow.

3. That KPFK would open up it's carefully controlled secret ways and inform the rest of US who live so dedicatedly for the growth and life of OUR RADIO station, and not think we need-not-know what they do or decide.... when we are worried, fearful, anxious, frustrated and angered by being so cleverly "left OUT" .

4. That the LSB of KPFK represent a group[s] of listeners and seek their opinions before voting or making any decisions, instead of only representing their individual selves as seems to be the case now.

Who does each LSB member actually represent ?

Do they ever tell us about the size of groups they actually inform, ask, represent?

What are the slants of those they represent ?

What are the ways listener-sponsors can have input to LSB members to be included, instead of just hanging out here ?

the way the LSB member was elected was by campaigning for votes but are these secret lists only they maintain and respond to... or are these voters then later ignored ?
Who decides who gets on the Pacifica National Board from LSB and what is the procedure for getting to move up there ?

and does it actually take hours and days and weeks of reading the bylaws and rules and all that small print to get generally informed about how KPFK & Pacifica too is actually run ?

does one have to be a quasi lawyer to understand the legalities, meanings of cue words and phrases and the maneuverability of motions, language and ploys played out to have any input in what happens to OUR KPFK ? huh?

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