Wednesday, July 28, 2010

join KPFK's new Program Advisory committee= apply there now

We just heard Alan Minsky, iPD announce on radio that they are forming a NEW committee called "Program Advisory"....

all can apply by August 8 by emailing him [see for address] or calling station at 818 985 2711 x 0 and leaving your name there.

He did not explain how people will be accepted or chosen or by whom either. Tho all the staff will know who is applying was stated in his announcement.

We sure hope lots of "sensible" and courageous people will apply and be chosen to prevent the same-old-tired-repetitive crowd from monopolizing the station - and it's management and staff remain with the same stuck versions of how this KPFK radio station sounds. Aren't some changes and innovations due about now ?

Want to check in and do something that may [maybe not ] be effective finally ?
We never know what is a waste of our time or becomes valued time ? This may be the occasion to be able to give actual INPUT now ? or something else might be learned by entering into the process of change ?

Check it out for yourself.

Want to make KPFK better and have it make POSITIVE CHANGES too? why not ?

(C) akpfker 2010

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