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KPFK former member makes some points here:

Below is a comment by an anonymous KPFK former member that bears re-reading here:
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"I agree - the pseudoscience is making me tune out"
by former kpfk member Thursday, Oct. 08, 2009 at 9:21 PM

Whenever I hear one of the new age health shows, like today's about homeopathy, I tune out. It's nonsense.

There are things that make sense, like some aspects of what Gary Null says, but then he goes on and on about some snake oil he's invented. I'm sure it's healthy, but the prices are like highway robbery. And he seems to be on a lot.

Instead of having shows where they say eat this and this and that, because a study said this chemical is awesome, and these ingredients contain the chemical, how about discussing the study?

Get specific about dosages, how it was administered, and the effects. Omit all that, and it's just a covered wagon medicine show.

Also, a while back, there was a lot of hype about The Secret. I saw the video. It was junk. It was hollow and selfish. After that, I tuned into KPFK a lot less.

Before The Secret, there was a lot of hype about Zeitgeist (and now the followup).

We're in a huge economic crisis. Where's the "Economic Crisis Show"? Where's the "Social Worker's Show" where social workers could tell people about social services.

There's a fight for healthcare. Where's the "Healthcare Show"? Where they deal with policy issues and political struggle for social medicine.

There's a bunch of ICE raids going on. Where's the "Immigration Issues Show"?

We are desperate for information and analysis. In this internet age, we need some simple titles that will come up in web searches, and lead us to shows we can download (and donate for).

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