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Ambitous-wanna-be-repeaters' try to get back in - to be KPFK'S LSB membership some more

this is a reposting with a bit of editing to remove personal names in it from

The winners of the recent elections for some new Local Station Board members have not yet been posted on the KPFK website, so suspense is still tantalizing most stakeholder's concerns about the future of "Our Station". The station does not belong to it's management, not to it's staff, not to the non-representative-of-the-whole-membership LSB members, nor the PNB nor Pacifica, the corporation, nor the unpaid programmers who gain other benefits from their work accessed on OUR air time. We all who sustain this radio ship are the actual upholders, owners, maintainers, and shareholders [without any certificates to prove this tho].

There would be no organization to manage, run, change, or accuse or desire, without those who pay up, pay often, pay regularly, pay with our generosity.

The station actually is owned by those who have for long or short time paid up their hard-earned savings and cash to sustain the whole entity - that is to speak up not just 'to us' but ' for us' all - without bias or prejudices. It belongs to the members and is shared with all the others who listen for free or work for paying our station or who occasionally go to meetings.

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[The PNB-LSB member who wrote an article strongly promoting her allies as candidates for the recent LSB 2009 election ] sounds like she is giving you her-story with selected comparisons to make HER point...everyone but her special group is in cahoots to ruin and sell out the KPFK station, of which she is only a small part.

She is ambitious too, tho not so stated. So her choice of preferred LSB mates is for her to get to be the ED or anything higher than she has so far been able to climb, while she is deliberately pretending to only question others, and while disrupting the work PNB attempts to accomplish. Go to a PNB meeting yourself and find out what is actual vs. what is carefully presented. A very dissentful and confusing process, helped by [this woman] herself.

[She] gives her version to sell a slate of people SHE wants in - to support her in her own chosen role. A smart woman and with the hope that Indy readers do not care or know the insides much, except to be anti-anything and oppositional to all establishments.To prevent the real current hard-workers that accomplish a subsistence level of living for Pacifica from continuing to do so.

How much easier it is to gain notorious power by positioning oneself as the rebel, the one opposed to those who do diligent work and obtain a position in management.

How much easier it is to disrupt, oppose, question, and accuse, to blame and create unrest, rather than to make positive changes and follow thru on diligent plans...to make the Pacifica stations live up to their financial as well as ideal goals.

To say it is only the minority groups that need to be represented at any Pacifica table and exclude everyone else w ho is not angrily decrying what they don't yet have, is a very slanted and easy place from which to COMPLAIN. And complainers feel powerful.. Tho they seldom contribute much at all. They do complain loudly anyway any where.

And Leslie is complaining, in her article above. Because she wants what she and her group want. Not because anyone deserves or has worked more effectively to obtain the privileges of on-air or management positions.

The slate has been advertising in what the members hope are sufficiently only LEFT sided local sites , carefully avoiding any "other" alliances, for fear they will be contaminated with what the LA or USA populations as a whole represent and contain. Anyone not angry enough and vindictive enough need not apply to work with these heavy-duty game players.

For in actual real-live LSB meetings, these are the same people who disrupt, continually dissent and question any and every motion proposed and generally keep all effective work from getting done. Deliberately. They see their role as being rebels and righteously claim that assumed HIGHER STATUS that they have not earned by other work of merit nor for the gain of KPFK or it's sibling stations either.

If the whole P system is cracking and falling down down down, unable to maintain it's buildings, equipment, staff [half are gone already ? ] and work for equality for ALL the peoples...not just those who select themselves as righteous or victims or accusers....then there will be some other kind of 'take over' or 'merger' and a big loss to all will occur.

This is not a prediction, but one scenario that occurs at other non-profit corporations, and Pacifica is one too. This is a concern that is never mentioned. Those who demand to be leaders are not necessarily experienced or equipped to be managers that effect positive results on such a grand scale as this one is.

Better to limp towards the next fully developed plan of action that will save these unusual radio stations than to be crumbling because the angry ambitious accusers of any current & past managements are not able to take on the heavy real-work roles that is needed.

Easy to win a measly little election where none of the LSB are representing anyone but their tiny group cohorts.

Easy to accuse others and malign those who have worked to assist improving the condition of KPFK and Pacifica, and other stations.

Easy to write words, as this is done here too, but how much more strenuous and difficult to do the daily practical actions to prevent failures from continually occurring.

And they have. And they may still, If this mean spirited group of candidates has won many seats.

We fear for our station and it's demise. But we will all be there silently standing to help bury it then.

R I P KPFK. maybe....."

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Other comments were listed on same Indymedia site as well, but seemed to say less than this one. To see the slants, biases, and promotions of the original article, please see that main article.

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