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if WBAI - KPFK's affiliate station in NY - cant fiinancially make it on it's own....

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if WBAI cant fiinancially make it on it's own....

Indymedia in LA had a rather informative article but slanted, as usual.It had lots of detail, and also seemed intended to eliminate Grace Aaron, the interim Executive Director of Pacifica, and straining to defeat any actions she may even think of trying to keep this NY failed station going.

Ok, "JUC " [article's author? with a website listed as 'justice unity'] so you dont like her, nor agree with her methods, and you question her qualifications, keep finding any fault with her in so many ways [except her pink skin so far] and want more power to do whatever....

have not the management and staff and Pacifica National Board already attempted to assist WBAI's stabilization and been unsuccessful ?

Was not the prior CFO [comptroller] part of the team that wanted to use LA's KPFK building as mortgage for a loan that could also fail and endanger that station's survival ?

Was not the prior CFO noted to be not sharing his accounting information to all management that could /should have access to oversight and thus he left the impression to many that he was perhaps hiding 'some things' or not being transparent as necessary?

Did the prior CFO not use his power to eliminate prior iED's and keep / contain his sole power [the one over money, a big one when others cannot audit or have up to date numbers as needed for proper management and allocations] ?

The history of lawsuits within the Pacifica stations is strangely profuse, frequent and apparently profitable.Shenanigans, games, shrewd moves intended to get capture hold More Power and Positions seems to be the main ploys within all the stations and their national overseers as well. Can this be changed ?

How can any positive moves be made when everyone is busy maligning and accusing and hating 'the other' who may take or change or make a different move ?

Has Grace Aaron, who needs no one to defend her, tho many love to shout and declaim and defame her, possibly because she remains calm, cool, reasonable, active and helpful...has this iED been so harmful and neglectful or acted stupidly so far ?Or is the fear of any woman, especially, white secondly, older thirdly, is this fear based on not wanting her to have any power to help any part of Pacifica ?
not even WBAI in it's financial collapse ?

Where are the other 'facts' and stories about what has occurred to get WBAI in such a sad and sick state anyhow ?

Let's not just accuse and malign. Let's give more than one story, as there are even more than merely 2 sides.What else is happening and who is trying to HOLD ON to whatever small space/ power/ position/ attention they can grab or hoard ? It always seems easy to warn and accuse and threaten havoc. How difficult it is to allow or help make changes that are actually needed.

Nothing is ever guaranteed. No one is a hero or savior. Especially not at Pacifica or it's crews. They are all wannabees and dedicated passionate 'helpers' who think they can do more than they actually can. But if there are some people with management skills, with temperaments that can handle all the hate and implied insults constantly thrown at them, then they need to be allowed to try, to experiment, to in good-faith improve what has been fast falling DOWN DOWN DOWN...

Each station must hold up their own end and expenses. No Bail Outs here either No station can afford to support another sliding down entity. This dysfunctional family of Pacifica stations cannot and has not been positively allied with their own so far, and in this financial climate, how could they do more now ?

No More Bail Outs. Not even for WBAI.

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