Sunday, April 12, 2009

Communication IN problems to KPFK well explained. See comment to posting Feb 2009 below.

Terry Goodman, "KPFK Volunteer former KPFK Staff Member former KPFK Delegate" wrote an excellent explanatory essay answering the questions and concerns about why KPFK is so hard to access, except as an on-air 1-way-out radio station.

Please read his helpful comments and share this vital honest information, as many have complained and been alienated from participating more fully with KPFK in many ways due to the lack of access to any staff with their valid concerns.

Programmers who do not respond are assumed to also be only "volunteers" and tho Terry does not speak to the issue that they may be also obtaining benefits from all the artists, speakers, organizations they "announce" and present, often programmers are not better in responding if there is no profit to be derived either.

Perhaps some of the hinderances to KPFK that Terry also notes and describes can be addressed by other KPFK listener-sponsor STAKEHOLDERS of this station...thru the Local Station Board, going their meetings, and some committees [ as a public comment person with time that is always briefly alotted for these attenders].

Or continue to try and try and try again to reach someone who is also "listening" back to what KPFK's customers want. To be heard when you are upset about some dysfunction or prejudices... or want something changed... or you want to be positive and make a suggestion.... and want to help improve your station.

Maybe hard-copy PO mail is the retro way to be noticed and be known as a contributor again.

Maybe there is no way, with the station's usual excuse of "no money" and "not enough staff" and "no time"..same old go-away-stories... and who has not be put off by that regular denial of access when you are those who pay for keeping this station alive ?

Thank you Terry for all your work in providing us all with this valuble insider hard-learned over time information. You state it as it sounds like it actually is, w/o giving the usual corporate [non-profits are too ] veneer of "we're ok so dont bother us any more". Thank you for telling us so much !

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