Tuesday, April 6, 2010

KPFA in No. CA also in trouble,

There is an article about Berkely's Pacifica's KPFA :
You may want to first read this to understand the comment made and copied here below:

"as a KPFK person, non SF but LA worker, your article is important, informative and yet seems so slanted to liking or admiring one person that the issue of fairness, election voting and Pacifica's failures seem to be 'side issues' instead.

Like they say, having an "ax that is being ground" promoting a manager that could apparently not maintain enough influence over her cohorts to remain in position of power.

Like every other USA political election that is also "so close" and won by never a big, notable "majority " but barely skims by, like Sup. Court does it's 4 to 5 or 5 to 4 continual big decisions. to then claim "it's a mandate" is the next lie that is never challenged loudly.

The simple majority win is not good enough to indicate that the people affected are in agreement with that Win or Firing or change, as in amendments, laws, bribes, and court decisions over votes not counted too. Could you do a better follow up commentary beyond this article to include other Pacifica stations, how they find their management staff [how they select or appoint those who will chose to anoint ]

....and how the staff once 'hired' is evaluated again after a short time to insure their loyalty to the station and not to other alliances they love more dearly.
Please dont just write this piece and then ignore all else that you left out. thanx"

You may also want to write your own response and spread all our thoughts and responses to what is happening to OUR RADIO STATIONS - managements, programs, finances, et al - as STAKEHOLDERS OF PACIFICA we must be responsible and they must be more transparent and accountable too !

(C) 2010 akpfker

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