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WBAI cant pay their own rent ? Then Exit the scene.

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posted comment on June 2, 2009

Anthony Riddle wrote an explanation of what he thinks occurred at WBAI re their in-ability to pay rent on 1 site, from the reading of his post.

He wrote : "We were significantly behind in rent at Wall Street. In late March or early April, the owner sent a “Three Day Notice to Quit.” This is a predicate notice: Pay us or we will begin the legal process to collect or evict. It is a warning"....[snip]

"We were only a few thousand dollars short on that drive and nothing else could account for such a difference.." [snip]

"National Office instructed me to include in the FY’09budget
expected collections
in October and November of pledges made in the Fall Drive. But for the first time, the Fall Drive was in spread over two fiscal years
.." [snip]

"...it was a misunderstanding of Pacifica’s accounting which made a bad situation at WBAI look horrible and opened us to attack. It did not affect the bottom-line, only the narrative.

The End
..." [snip]

Now none of this should be taken out of context, so read his story and you figure it out, if you can. Explanations that things were not so bad but then he also said:

"WBAI’s arrears in rent were discussed in private conversation, and at local and national finance meetings on a regular basis.

We were significantly behind in rent at Wall Street
" [snip]

"expected collections " were counted as if it were received ? huh ?

Even while admitting that WBAI was "significantly behind in rent", the intent is to say that it is not so bad as others think or write elsewhere ?

Maybe so. But that is serious stuff...paying rent and paying electricity and staff are the main essentials or amongst the most necessary to pay and have CASH = $$$$$$$up front,not wait till it may or not come in later, if pledges are paid up.... it is not 'hand-to-mouth' management or is it ???

this sounds like all the bailed banks maneuvers & corporations that go bankruped because they count what they DO NOT HAVE..yet....and expect, wish, wait, or think even hope some money will turn up in the mail. right !

In the comments to this article, someone labeled "Duce" takes advantage and tries to then use KPFK as a dodge ball to hit on 3 people to be blamed for everything because their views are not exactly the same as that writer's? huh ?

What does that have to do with WBAI's inability to pay their bills ? 2 KPFK programmers are guilty ? Or the new PNB leader must be the cruel evil woman who is ousting a manager who cant even pay the rent on WBAI ?

anyone can take advantage of the WBAI manager's explanations to piggy back on and vent meanly. Actually it would be irrelevant as a comment except that it was posted in duplicate and attached there for attention. It got some.

what's up with all this blaming and accusing and wishing to make people appear as if they had all that much power or evilness ? The accusers are often the ones who like to hurt and see in others' what they might be and hate in themselves. Why else write mean things that almost can not be verified or corrected ?

But then, anyone can post on Indymedia and pretend it is "not me"hating"THEM"...like a side attack, or an implosive, actually.

what's up with owing back rent and not paying it on time ? anywhere.

is that how any business or non-profit Corp operates and becomes Enron-like too ?

what's up with being dismissed, ousted, fired, or asked to leave when operations are not effective, efficient, up to par [financially only ? ] or someone else can perhaps do the job for a while ?

While it is good to get information or explanations out to the publics, and it is
good to clarify openly to all..but who can go to see all the numbers and confirm the veracity ?

and do all the account checking ?

and then say, yeah, maybe that man was correct, but why did he let it get so messy...

money matters need to be much more clear and up to date and accurate and verifiable and ...well you know...

any operational operating operation MUST be better managed than being in rent arrears...

even we pay our rent on time and have money for the next month in advance... or...
we may also be asked to leave...our small living spaces, our homes... appropriately asked to leave the premises...like this person has been apparently asked to do too.


every station must operate financially independently or ....sink or be repersonneled or financed or die...


The reason for this post here is to continue the conversation from Indymedia elsewhere as well, about if a Pacifica radio station can not stand on it's own and it's management cannot take care of business sufficiently well, then why pay them a salary and give them power to do more harm there ?

No personal insult intended here. But much questioning of how much those stakeholders in Pacifica are paying and have been contributing to lost causes or poorly run operations [ =businesses] must also be accounted for responsibly.

Let's hope KPFK remains solvent and pays it's rent on time.

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