Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Note our new URL now improved: kpfk00commentators

For those who could not easily find us, we have decided to improve our visibility to be more effective in how we help suggest improvements and occasionally challenge our favorite radio station to CHANGE for the Better :

and be more Efficient, in it's daily functions

be more Transparent in it's operations and intentions,

be more Responsive to it's stakeholders, in communications, in acknowledgements,

and be more fair and honest in all the KPFK Pacifica radio station dealings.

This means input is needed from all who read here, to put in and take out what is HELPFUL and Positive - our purpose always to be of help and assist, even if often the there is little or no appreciation of any [including our] efforts outside their closed locked doors.

But like any bureaucracy or corporation, there is a lot that needs to be addressed, exposed and questioned, especially by those who fund the station with their earnings,
their time and caring, their promoting the station to non-listeners, and their dedication to the welfare of what is still unique, tho sometimes beleaguered as well.

the "00" are the EYES of those who watch as well as listen to how the station operates in the service of those who have paid for their stakes in this facility in any way.

the call letters are deliberately not to intend or state that this blog site is in any way part of the official station or any of it's doings, policies, or staff.
This is a totally SEPARATE and non-official open site in which those who genuinely Care and Dedicate their time and monies for the benefit of "their" station, and it's betterment.

There is absolutely no attempt to ride on the image or fame of the station's name, in any direction they may suggest.

There is no intent to mislead or malign in any way the station, while still using the freedom of speech and freedom of mind to question, suggest, complain occasionally, and offer observation and alternative ways to handle all matters of interest.

We here hope to be able to contribute our share of media light and information that will further help our preferred radio station to become what it also claims it wants to be, as per it's bylaws, it's on-air claims, their promotions and intentions. We also want to be assisting better communications in both ways, in and out, as it is assumed that the station's desire is to "serve the community" by also listening to what parts of the entirety of listeners [a diverse huge community] alsohas to say back.

Please share your thoughts and concerns, your compliments and complaints, your heart-felt concerns and logical thoughts as well, without spamming, without anger or insult, without being mean-spirited or malicious...

we want to stay civil, communicative, clear and helpful at all times.

(c) by writers of http://kpfk00commentators.blogspot.com 2009

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