Saturday, February 21, 2009


found it !

after much searching I found this on our [we are shareholders, supporters, sponsors and payees of this station, it is OUR airwaves and our funds that hold up this secretive and paranoid-like radio station. This was dis-covered on the KPFK website 2/7/09. so why is it not so easy to find ?

and how does anyone reach any these people is NOT LISTED. Only a small site called "program comments" is claimed, but not actually so, a way to reach perhaps maybe maybenot LSB addresses even at KPFK website are given for these people. No phone number. No voice mail. No nutin'

so who do each of these listed "representatives" actually represent ? Where is any of that information given or made public ?
- - - - - - - - - -
LSB Committees and Rosters

Grace Aaron (Director)
David Adelson
Jonathan Alexander
Yolanda Anguiano
Christopher Bayard Condon (LSB Vice-Chair)
Israel Feuer
Sherna Gluck
Jan Goodman
Sean Heitkemper (General Manager)
Ian Johnston©
Rufina Juarez
Tracy Larkins
Ali Lexa
Shawn Casey O'Brien (Director)
Reza Pour
Margaret Prescod
Leslie Radford (Director)
Summer Reese (LSB Treasurer)
Ricco Ross (Director)
Linda Sutton
Donna Warren
Steve Weatherwax (LSB Chair)
Gabrielle Woods
Yosh Yamanaka
Lamont Yeakey

will somneone please find out more on how 'the public' can access their represenatives named above ?

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  1. You can reach me at leslie @ (but close the spaces).Good to meet you at the PNB meeting ;-)


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