Monday, July 28, 2008

Repeatedly, when anyone is seeking information it is NOT on the website, not information about LSB and other KPFK meetings especially, and no minutes of recent meetings, no agendas, etc.

even the announcement of the new GM was well DELAYED 7 days after it was announced on Uprising and Pacificana websites....why the lengthy delay ?

the webmaster's excuse probably is "they didnt give it to me earlier"...which means he is NOT RESPONSIBLE for eliciting or obtaining important information that is to be given to the listener-shareholders of this station?

And if not, who is responsible ?

and why is the only the date and not the time of the posting up ? It might be interesting to find out the late hour of posting... every other posting at misc. blogs, etc. lists date and time...why is KPFK not doing so?

the recnet CAB meeting is now posted, without a date of when posted, or who submitted it. Should this not be included to be providing the INFORMATION freely that KPFK extolls?

Can someones please make some agreement that information is provided, not the minimum but the MAXIMUM and that it is requested, posted, provided without pulling everyone's teeth and hair out in having to request, to repeat search, to have 'outsiders' clamor for information that should be available on KPFK we bsite as it pertains to station's doings...

and if the webmaster is told he is only to sit passivelty awaiting what to post and has no say, tho he IS on the LSB and perhaps other committees so not so unpowerful that he need to use that "it's nt part of my job" excuse, we hold his RESPONSIBLE for requesting, and reminding whoever need be that the information is due to the pay-for-programs-audience...that is us.

and those who dont have a computer or are not so literate, they are left out, surely.... as there is no way to know without listening 24/7 if any announcements are made..

A space on the listing or event could be added that lists date & time an on-air announcement is made for those who dont and cant get online to search....repeatedly and with stubborn insistence to find out what is it takes that much...

the CAB announcement was not on website last week, and it is on now, but who knows when it came up to be noticed and to get people who want to attend to know about it ...

Much improvement needs to be made about the quality and responsibility of informing US, the sponsors and payees of this station and it's staff's salaries, plus all else, of what is occuring at the station, IN the station, and how it is run as well....secrecy and opacity is contrary to the station's stated ideals.

Please let us all know, with any means of feedback, that something improving is being done, not the usual silence that says no one cares, no may even read this email, no one responds to the efforts and suggestions given, no one ever calls back on voice mail messages left and 'the public' is so left out that we feel we are being pulled by a sled that has no driver, going down, down down, secretly and evasively.

Please correct this lack of informaton and please le tme know you have heard and cared eough to even do more than the 'automatic' reply that goes to spam rec'd as well.

On the website, right this minute, notice that last 'station board' minutes were for Nov 2007.....over 6 months ago, is that informative and up to date ?

Last "LSB resolutions" is for 2006....huh ? nothing has happened since then ?

Last financial reports are lists it as "2007' budget, a while back no ? uncurrent and therefore not very informative either.

Hey, the Program Council is just as outdated !!! they list the July 2007 meetings, a year ago ? nothing happened since then ? is this possible ? and their last "minutes" is dated 1/17/ unhelpful is that antiquated informaton.

WHAT IS WRONG HERE ? Who is responsible, of whoever are responsible, to provide up to date feedback of what is HAPPENING WITH AND AT THE STATION at least on the website as again, no intersted listener can catch by chance a announcement if it is ever made at all.

how hypocritical to claim to be relevant, current, up to date and providng "news" but not of itself...only about others that KPFK criticizes so easily, weasely too.

Shame on the management for allowing this to continue on and on so long... Excuses of not having money and staff is the usual, name any business that does not claim the same and KPFK denies their excuses but uses the same ones itself. Shame !

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