Monday, May 17, 2010

Open Letter to interim Program Manager - Alan Minsky

This is a copy of a letter sent, to which there will probably be no reply and may not even read at all...but the good intentions of this writer still exist and are on display here....for anyone else who 'cares' to know:

Sunday, May 16, 2010
Cc: also sent to "KPFK Program Corner for comments" ,
"KPFK comments" , and others involved at the station too.

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Dear Alan et al, assuming you are still iPD,

Being a subscriber since 1960 to KPFK, and having a herstory of finding a few programs that are always 'on the edge' of an emerging important world at this station, let me compliment Roy's show for continuing with 'old dead' people and new ones found that come on so late at night but still heard and appreciated.... by me...and others...

The most varied and informative programs are on Something's happening show, repeatedly and continually....and I find myself daily continually informing some stranger and writing a scrap of paper note to have them find the program and archive to 'give a listen' what is played in the dark hours.
Please share this with Roy too. maybe forward it ?

[I have found that even tho email links are on webpage, almost ALL programmers do not respond to my compliments, questions, complaints at all, no acknowledgment of receipt and I have also heard some emails go 'straight to spam' and thus never even read...

and the excuses, many, that 'there are too many emails to respond to', is an exaggeration or lie, as the New Yorker magazine just last week responded to my email and a well known article writer also responded in a 6 line email...amazing me, but forcing me to realize how any response from "volunteers" [also known as payola-ees who get lobbyists, PR, promo people and others to give them returns for being exposed on KPFK airwaves, tho this is never ever acknowledged and pretense is that they work at these programs for free and love of us, the fans/ audience...ahem ! fools we are not ! ]

and I have written various ones over the years to NEVER get any answer, not even you]

also, the difference between Roy's program and other 'inner vision' ones like Lisa or Nita is distinctly different in his not being COMMERCIALIZED, while others dont admit it they are clearly giving their guests lots of $$$ business, even if a bit like a book or seat at workshop is given to KPFK subscriber [cheap trick as it costs almost zilch for much verbal promo by program hosts, with that recommendation being expensive elsewhere].

So Roy's way of sharing info is not selling us stuff or people, but presenting and revealing and sharing teachings or new ideas, different views, and a wider variety than most others...not just because he has more air time either....because of how pro ramming is done as we hear it ...way out here.

Also, I still agree with making many changes to see what works for whom or for how long and not getting stuck in a pattern that repeats and repeats to the few same-old same-old, even if those pay pledges, either out of fear, greed, or buy into 'we are going down !!!' stories that always repeat incessantly. Let's see: 2010 - 1960 = ? and not down yet.

I am also sharing this info you may or not know: since I speak of KPFK or refer it to strangers I meet at least 4x/week or more...maybe 43% already know if it and I ask them which program they like best & listen to ? Just yesterday a woman who works on a KPFK program said " I dont listen at all...I listen to NPR"

this is an often refrain I hear, which does not surprise me but is more often than I would expect. The drift away has been going on for a longer while than just a few months or a year...and we all hope some of these people will check out IF YOU HAVE CHANGES IN PROGRAMS AND PROGRAMMERS and come back to hear this difference...maybe..
I did not expect to hear so much of this so often, and while a bit dismayed I also totally agree with them.

Thought you might want to hear some anecdotal feedback from a very loyal [anyhow] KPFK ideal continuer.

m. = akpfker
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(c) akpfker 2010